Our Contactless Future

"Contact Free Agency - Covid-19 - Contactless Business"
"Contact Free Agency - Covid-19 - Contactless Business"
Your Future In Contactless = Survival

Our Mission

Contact Free Agency's mission; is to purposefully promote the concept of a Contactless marketplace, where contact payment is no longer the pre-dominating experience for any individual.

In this world in which we live, we must adapt to new ideas and new technologies, or we get left behind. The pandemic has re-opened the doors for Contactless Payment. It's now the 'new norm' for all generations of consumers and B2B companies. In the 1980's it was the 'yuppies' or 'young urban professionals' that shaped our future which has now come to pass.

It has fast become the new trend for companies to provide the young 'millennials with the opportunity to 'work from home'. It's safe and statistics prove that most employees are actually more productive working at home!

It's also' not only necessary, yet also trendy, for new generations to use their Smartphone to order everything from Pizza and Subway through to clothing, jewelry, shoes, books, magazines. In fact anything goes, even art!

Keeping up with latest trends will ensure your business can continue to thrive for generations to come. Just check out the statistics below, to see whay this is Contact Free Agency's mission and vision for the future of Retail and B2B globally!

Statistics: https://worldpaymentsreport.com/

"Contact Free Agency - Covid-19 - Contactless Business"
"Contact Free Agency - Covid-19 - Contactless Business"

Contactless Payment Statistics For 2020

Contactless Business is here to stay. All professional reports have shown that. There can be no doubt. The only question is...when will your business go contactless and reap the rewards of providing a contactless solution?
Digital Payments Grew By 53% Last Year in 2020
Experimented With QR Code Payments 2020
Trialled Contactless Payment Cards For The First Time Last Year in 2020
Used Contactless Cards Throughout The Global Pandemic Last Year in 2020

our Website's Directory

Contactless Buyers Group

CBG is our Contactless Buyers Group. We'll soon be publishing our Contactless Directory which will take your business to a whole new level and give you the edge!

For the first time ever, customers will be able to specifically find Contactless Businesses and Retail Outlets to conduct business with.

Each new Client receives a complimentary 12 month
Free Listing!

Display your CBG membership, advertise the safety and compliance of your business and gain the competitive edge!

Safe Contactless Website

With a Contact Free Agercy website, you're keeping your customers and your staff safe, at the same time. The pandemic has changed the way we do business.

It's no longer enough, to just have a standard website. Even at the less extreme levels of lock down, the public demand safety first!

It's also not enough to have Contactless Delivery and B2B on your current website.

You now need a stand alone website, without distractions. Fast convenient use without the hassles, with a link to your site!

Health Compliance

Government legislation now demands that you provide a safe working environment, free from the risks of infecting others, with the rapidly spreading Pandemic!

With a Contactless B2B website, you can offer a 'work from home' solution that keeps every individual healthy.

For B2B, have your staff communicate with a video conferencing solution.

We offer additional upgrade options on the standard price, if you wish to add any other additional features to your site!

10% More
Using Contactless Payments in 2020
10% More
Trialled Contactless Payment Cards 2020
10% More
Experimented With QR Code Payments in 2020
10% More
Used Contactless Cards In The Pandemic 2020
"Contact Free Agency - Add To Cart"

Are You Ready For Future Lock Downs?

"Keep Us Safe and Happy"

Provide your customers and staff with a safe and viable solution, a Contactless website.

Whether it's a B2B or a B2C website, you'll retain, staff, customers and profits. You'll also maintain credibility, plus your company's reputation!

"It's A No Brainer"

Why would anyone choose a non Contactless business to purchase from, or do B2B with, when they have the safer alternative?

If you don't have a Contactless solution, your business is going to get left behind in the new era of Contactless Business for real!

"I've Lost Friends From This"

Despite wearing a mask and taking all the necessary precautions, coming into contact with others can still be a risk!

We've all heard the stories from those who have lost loved ones. Prevention is always better than cure, if we can help it and we can!

How Long Will It Be Before Almost Every Business Is Contactless?