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Deliver Hot Pizza With Extras Contactless

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Set Appointments Private Visit With A Mask

Contactless B2B Is Here To Stay!

Level 4 Over – Set Appointments Private Visit With A Mask

Operating Under Government Guidelines You Can Still Contract

Level 4 Over – Set Phone Bookings Contactless With Masked Staff

Level 4 Over – Work B2B Masked At Office Or Work Safely From Home

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why Contactless B2B / B2C?

We all know the importance of isolation during Lock Down. Adding the Contactless option keeps your business profitable whilst following the rules of Lock Down.

Your reputation is important. Providing a safe working place with a Contactless Business solution is absolutely vital.

Providing a contactless B2B solution provides your staff with the opportunity to work safely from home instead.

Contactless Delivery is ideal for safe delivery of food, auto parts etc. Avoiding contact will keep your customers safe. Customers can relax & you retain trust.

Website’s that employ QR Barcode technology have the jump on those that don’t. Keep up with the competition!

Strong Customer Support is important. With our ticketing platform, support times are reduced to a minimum.

Contactless Payment Statistics For 2020

Contactless Business is here to stay. All professional reports have shown that. There can be no doubt. The only question is…when will your business go contactless and reap the rewards of providing a contactless solution?

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